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Andy Leslie

Andy Leslie has been head of service at CenTre since helping set-up the service in 2010. It’s Andy’s job to provide leadership, vision and coordination to the running and development of CenTre. He spends some time engaged in the clinical practice of transport on the service Consultant rota or attending transfers, but is also engaged in a wide variety of projects locally and nationally which aim to improve neonatal transport for patients, families and staff.

Andy has been involved in neonatal transport since being appointed Transport Coordinator for Nottingham Neonatal Service in 1991. In this post he developed the UK’s first dedicated nursing team for neonatal transport. He trained to be an ANNP in 1995 and used that training, with colleagues, to deliver the country’s first ANNP-led transfer programme. His PhD, completed in 2003, was also concerned with neonatal transport and ANNPs and was followed by few years largely out of transport practice, undertaking a post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford. Andy was Chair of the UK Neonatal Transport Group from 2012-2015 and helped lead the development of the UK system for categorising and comparing the work of different neonatal transport teams.


Selected Publications

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